06 June 2018

The magazine "Frontiers in Robotics and AI" highlights a study by La Salle in an article about the use of augmented reality in the last 10 years

A study by La Salle has been highlighted in an article on the use of augmented reality in the last 10 years of the magazine "Borders in robotics and artificial intelligence"

The magazine "Frontiers in Robotics and AI" has published an article entitled "A systematic review of 10 years of augmented reality usability studies: 2005 to 2014". The study reviews the last 10 years of research in this field, identifying the most influential studies on Augmented Reality, from a series of categories, using a total of 291 articles of diverse nature.

"Relationship between the profile of students, the use of tools, participation and academic performance with the use of Augmented Reality technology for models of visualized architecture" has been led by Dr. David Fonseca, with the participation of the Dr. Nuria Martí Dr. Isidro Navarro de La Salle-URL, and Dr. Ernesto Redondo and Albert Sánchez of the UPC. This research article has been considered the most representative in the area of ​​education in the period studied.

The article studies the relationships between motivation, satisfaction and school performance through the incorporation of new technologies such as Augmented Reality, and focused on the work that is done with the first architecture students of La Salle-URL, measuring and evaluating the real impact in our society with any type of technological intervention.