26 May 2020

Practical recommendations related to the confinement and students and teachers experiences

The students and teachers of La Salle-URL have adapted their working methods to the reality of the current situation, changing their routines so as not to lose the rhythm of their work. In this sense, many of our students have explained to us in the last weeks of studies virtualization how they have worked from home, what they have thought of the change to virtual teaching and how they have been able to continue their education despite the possibility of confinement.

On the other hand, some of our teachers, in addition to continuing their classes with the virtual system, have decided to advise the entire La Salle-URL community about healthy habits, work techniques and options to stay active and productive in the best way possible. Many of them have also analyzed the current moment from their field of knowledge, reflecting on COVID-19 and its impact on fields such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, sports management, e-commerce, culture and entrepreneurship, among others. 

Students and teachers experiences

Both the teachers and the students of La Salle-URL have seen how the final section of the course has started to take place virtually. The COVID-19 forced the campus to close, and La Salle responded with the implementation of a teaching virtualization system, so that more than 99% of the subjects have been able to continue their course and the students have continued to train and learn. 

Maria Alsina, Director of Development of Teaching Methodologies and Teaching Policies, explains how the virtualization system works 

Marc Freixes, Calculus professor in first year, explains how classes are being taught virtually 

In order to understand the implementation process of the teaching virtualization system, many teachers, academic leaders and students have explained in these two months the momentary reality of the studies at La Salle-URL. Students from all grades have explained how their studies have not stopped, and how they have been able to continue the development of practically all the subjects they are taking.

Marc Borràs, second year student of Business Administration and Management at La Salle-URL

Pol Fontanella, first-year student of the Degree in Management of Business and Technology

Stefanie Walther, EMBA student at La Salle-URL

Practical recommendations

Professor Dawn Hiscock, an expert in the analysis of the functioning of all types of business models, created with the collaboration of her family a mini-series of three capsules to help the community of La Salle-URL fight despondency and indolence, and to establish a healthy life routine that favors teleworking and virtualized study.

Work space

Exercise and health

A good routine

On the other hand, Jordi Molla, Academic Head of the Personal Development Area of La Salle-URL, has prepared some audiovisual capsules focused on work productivity. Molla analyzes the situation from the point of view of teleworking and offers advice and recommendations for being productive at work in the domestic environment.

How to be more productive in times of coronavirus

Tips to improve productivity in teleworking