30 November 2017

The research group ARC of La Salle-URL develops applications that allow to assess the rehabilitation of a house or a city

The multidisciplinary research group dedicated to the design, development and application of information and communication technologies (TIC) for the sector of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), ARC Engineering and Architecture La Salle, has developed two applications that allow to value the condition of the buildings, to choose rehabilitation measures and know the cost of their implementation, both at the building and housing scale (ENERHAT) as in an urban area (ENERPAT).

Both tools, developed within the framework of the ENERSI project, financed by the Challenges Program Collaboration of the State Plan of I+D+i, 2014-2017, integrate information of energetic certifications provided by the Catalan Energy Institute and the reports of the technical inspection of buildings gathered by the Housing Agency of Catalonia, together with geographical, the land registry and the census information.

Users of these applications can obtain, in a simple way, information that can help them make decisions on the renovation of a building or housing, in the case of ENERHAT; or on the application of large-scale renovation programs in an urban area, thanks to the ENERPAT tool.

ENERHAT (Energy Housing Assessment Tool) is directed to owners of buildings and housings that allows them to assess their level of energy efficiency, to compare it with similar buildings, to know the rehabilitation measures most appropriate to their case and the cost of them. On the other side, ENERPAT (Energy Planning Assessment Tool) is directed to administrative technicians (architects, town planners, managers) that need to know the level of energy efficiency of the park built in their municipality, in certain areas. The application allows grouping buildings, either by years of construction, characteristics, etc., and to identify the measures of improvement that can be apply them and the cost.