19 December 2017

Research Group on Internet Technologies and Storage of La Salle-URL starts a project about Industry 4.0

Research Group on Internet Technologies and Storage (GRITS) of La Salle-URL has initiated the project SPRINT4.0 (Strategic PaRtnership for INdustry 4.0 innovation advanced Training), an Erasmus + Strategic Partnership, successfully awarded by the European Union, which will end in August 2020. Ramon Martín de Pozuelo and Agustín Zaballos, GRITS researchers, were in charge of attending the kick-off meeting organized by MR&D in Milan.

The SPRINT4.0, coordinated by the University of Pisa and the Institute of Bremen Fuer Produktion and Logistik (BIBA), MR & D, TOI SRL, Fundació Giacomo Brodolini, Selettra, OHS Engineering, Celsa Group and La Salle-URL, will allow students, academics and industrial actors, take advantage of knowledge, practice and innovation in Industry 4.0.

All interested parties will participate in different workshops to analyse Industry 4.0 solutions, based on the idea of ​​co-creation, focused on 'Learning by doing' and methodologies of learning about problems and their implementation in a multidisciplinary environment. Specifically, SPRINT 4.0 will enable La Salle-URL to develop teaching skills for education and training in the field of Industry 4.0 and design and test specific and innovative coaching activities, to support students developing industry-viable proof-of-concepts of projects and ideas.

Industry 4.0

Defined as the "fourth industrial revolution", Industry 4.0 is the current trending topic in the world of business and innovation. This deals with organizational methodologies for the production of goods or services that integrates production systems with digital technologies.