16 March 2020

On site teaching is being adapted to on-line classes at la Salle Campus -URL

As part of the prevention and control measures of the health alert for the SARS-COV-2 pandemic (Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus), the on-site activity at the La Salle-URL Campus has been stopped, but not the education activity.

From Monday 16th March, the on-site activity is being carried out online, through the internet, to not interrupt the education process, which is the main commitment of La salle-URL to its students.

Maria Alsina, director of Development of Teaching Methodologies and Policies, tells how this process has been carried out

Josep Maria Ribes, director of Academic Planning of La Salle-URl, explains how the control center works

Guiomar Corral, Academic Director of Undergraduate Programs, talks about the importance of support in the virtualization of classes

Because of this, a system has been put in place that allows the students of most Bachelor´s and Master´s degrees to continue to study, adapted to the online modality. This is thanks to the commitment of the campus professors, the administration and service staff, an also the understanding and flexibility of the students, who make it possible to carry on despite the exceptional circumstances we are currently living.

Marc Freixa, first grade Calculus teacher, explains how classes are being taught virtually

In fact, an online teaching control room was installed, a monitoring centre that allowed to manage this complex system both technically and a teaching level. On Monday 16th, for example, around 1300 undergraduate students were connected to the first of around 200 daily sessions and throughout the week online teaching will be deployed for 15 undergraduate programs and 70 postgraduate programs. This is around 98% of all on site teaching on campus, conveniently adapted to the online modality, and also thanks to the experience of the staff that, until now, has been designing the methodology of the online programs at La salle – URL and that it is advising the on-site programs teachers so they can virtualise their tasks in the best way possible.

Summary of the first week of teaching virtualization

Summary of the second week of teaching virtualization

In these strange times, systems like these and the commitment of a lot of professionals, allow us to, even in the physical distance, keep creating community, studying and working to carry out our personal and educational projects.

At La Salle, we have always taught values to be, all of us, professionals of value and with values. At this time, more than ever, we will have to deal with a situation where only a perspective of values and with values will allow us to exceed it.

Despite of everything, we are optimistic about the capacity of the entire La Salle Community. We know, we are are sure of it, that we will come out stronger, even in these circumstances. We have a lot work to do, but we are convinced that we will know how to do it very well.