12 March 2021

Statement on the initiative of the Ministry of Universities to reform RD 1393/2007 and the progressive abolition of university degrees of 180 ECTS

Last week the Ministry of Universities of the Government of Spain announced the initiative to reform the Real Decreto (RD) 1393/2007, which establishes the organization of official university studies. The current regulations favor the integration of the Spanish university system to the formula predominantly adopted throughout Europe, allowing university studies of 180 ECTS credits, a measure that is now being abolished.

At La Salle Campus Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull we currently have four degrees of 180 ECTS: the Degree in Digital Arts, the Degree in Digital Business, Design and Innovation, the Degree in Software Application Techniques and the Degree in Digital Interaction and Computing Techniques. In this sense, the four degrees were proposed within the framework of the flexibility of the current regulation and seeking full integration with the needs of the labor market, the demands of today's society and the adaptation to the paradigms of the university systems belonging to the Space. European Higher Education.

In any case, the new RD project is still being debated and, even if it is approved, it is expected that all students who are currently taking these programs will be able to complete them within the legally established deadlines. At the same time, for the 2021-2022 academic year, and although the RD project is published before September 2021, from La Salle-URL we will be able to admit students in these university degrees with the current duration of 180 ECTS, and with the curriculum currently in force.

Through the Universitat Ramon Llull, as indicated in the informative note published on its website (link in Spanish), the appropriate amendments to the RD project will be presented, considering that university centers must have sufficient autonomy to respond to current training needs, as well as it is considered that Spanish university legislation should favor convergence with the European Higher Education Area.