09 April 2018

The Superior General of La Salle Brothers, Robert Shieler, visited La Salle-URL

This morning La Salle-URL Campus hosted the visit of the Superior General of La Salle Brothers, Robert Schieler, who is in Spain until next April 21 to learn about the commitment to the educational mission of La Salle in the Arlep district and to know first hand the reality of La Salle in the world.

Brother Robert Schieler has arrived this morning on the Campus accompanied by Brother Aidan Kilty, General Counsel RELEM; Brother José Roman Pérez, Guest Owner ARLEP; and Brother José Canal, Assistant Guest ARLEP. Members of the management team of La Salle-URL, led by its general director, Josep M. Santos, and the Rector of URL, Josep M. Garrell, have received the committee.

Subsequently, all of them have moved to the central gardens of the Campus, where there has been a breakfast in which other members of the staff and teaching staff, students of the Student Council and the President of the Alumni Association of the Campus and Vice President of UMAEL, Adolfo Sánchez, have joined the visit and have been able to exchange impressions with Brother Schieler and explain more in detail some activities that are carried out. Brother Schieler has had some words for everyone, emphasizing the work that is carried out from the Campus for the formation of young peaople and has put in value the "importance of connecting with them and creating a network that is becoming increasingly stronger", as well as the importance of La Salle's in the world that has 61 university centers and nearly 350,000 students. 

To complete the visit, a brief working session was held in which the management committee of La Salle-URL explained the history of the center and its most differential aspects, the different studies that are taught and the importance of the values that are transmitted to the students. Before continuing his visit to other centers and works of La Salle, Brother Schieler has transmitted the need for the university to "adapt and transform to face the new reality of society."

Brother Robert Schieler has been the Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools since 2014. He was born in Philadelphia, United States, and carried out his perpetual profession in 1979. He served as a teacher in his country and then had thirteen years of mission at Philippines. During the years prior to being Superior General he carried out the mission of General Counsel for the Lasallian religion of the RELIAN (USA and Canada).