17 March 2021

Zoom highlights the implementation of Smart Learning

The leading videoconferencing program praises the technological commitment of La Salle Campus Barcelona

In a case study published on its website, Zoom highlights the exemplary response of La Salle Campus Barcelona to the educational challenges posed by the pandemic thanks to the implementation of Smart Learning. "Students can learn from anywhere, in person or remotely, and they receive the same high-quality education as if they were on campus," highlights the Zoom case study. Smart Learning reinforces the value of interaction regardless of the specific circumstances of each student, adapting to any eventuality and making the way in which each student follows classes in case of not being able to go to campus.

The new teaching model of La Salle-URL is based on delocalized presence, which facilitates the monitoring of the sessions of the entire group-class, facilitating a training without barriers, resilient to adversity and that allows the synchronization of the learning process. Zoom speaks of Smart Learning as a "long-term solution, which allows greater flexibility and customization." The student not only remains at the center of the La Salle-URL teaching process, but Smart Learning has also reinforced the personalized attention to the student. Teachers and tutors monitor each student more closely, providing added value compared to other universities that do not offer tutorial support.

Technology and innovation

The Zoom case study lists the technological solutions that smart classrooms incorporate, which allow "saving and sending content to watch later" and making subgroups if the dynamics of the session requires it. Thus, the Smart Learning methodology is based on technology and innovation, two of the distinguishing elements of La Salle Campus Barcelona's DNA. "The university has a long history of innovation with technology, it is part of its essence", assures Zoom in his analysis.

The new methodology also connects with the foundations of the institution: humanism applied to the reality of the 21st century, entrepreneurship, transversality and internationalization. Smart Learning allows La Salle-URL students to grow in skills and aptitudes, developing projects with colleagues from other areas and specialties, and to continue making the most of work synergies with the business world. Zoom highlights the versatility of the model, which allows "more than 4000 sessions per month".

The importance of teachers

The teachers give the classes from the campus, taking advantage of the potential of the technology associated with Smart Learning. In the same way, the spaces dedicated to teaching have been increased to adjust to health protocols and some classes have been unfolded to maintain the dynamics of small groups, in which the student can receive better attention, and not modify the bubble groups. Josep Maria Ribes, Director of Academic Planning at La Salle-URL, explained how the model allows adaptation to any circumstance and scenario.

Maria Pilar Torné, director of Marketing and Business Development at La Salle-URL, highlights for Zoom the importance of getting closer to the student: “We have to understand the needs of our students and those of the market. People are changing and the ways of learning are also changing.” In this sense, Smart Learning is a model consistent with the moment, but also adapted to new trends and the future of university teaching.

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