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21 February 2023 | Posted by Team Technova

32 startups incubated in Spanish Science and Technology Parks ready to growth.

More than 30 entrepreneurs pritched their projects in Transfiere Màlaga last week. Almost any field of activity was presented: health, education, agriculture, circular economy...

More than 30 entrepreneurs pritched their projects in Transfiere Màlaga last week. Almost any field of activity was presented: health, education, agriculture, circular economy... All of them are seeking financial support.
The projects was part of the APTENISA program, an initiative coordinated by Asociación de Parques Científicos y Tecnológicos de España (APTE), co-financed by Enisa, Empresa Nacional de Innovación, and with the Parks' ancore La Salle Technova Barcelona and the Parque Científico de Madrid. A set of programs were "designed to promote the creation and growth of new technology-based ventures".
The startups supported during APTENISA presented their proposals in front to business angels and investors at this DemoDay. Two minutes talking about their solutions, an all of them with enthusiasm and with the nerves of those who know that, if all goes well, today will be the start of a new stage for their idea to continue growing

Finalist startups of the first APTENISA program

The 32 business ideas selected from the 100 that a year ago were submitted to the APTENISA Startup Ideation and Acceleration Program

AHYRES Aeronautics PC Madrid End2end solution for the intelligent inspection of infrastructures with drones.
ANUM Circular economy PC Alicante Starch production with second generation productions of the industry.
ARTIS DEVELOPMENT Medicine and Health PT Gran Canaria AI software that segments body tissues from CT images.
BIBAGU Human Resources PT Garaia Platform to generate loyal and high-performance work teams.
CLIC ORDER TIC Málaga TechPark B2B platform for marketing without intermediaries for the HORECA sector.
CLICK EMO Education PCT Avilés 'Isla de la Innovación' Emotional thermometer to detect the quality of the environment in educational centers.
DAOS TIC La Salle Technova NFTs Marketplace so that the artists can finance their projects with the purchase and sale of crypto assets.
DOTI TIC PC Madrid Platform for the elimination of purchase tickets in physical commerce and to know the habits of customers.
EASY CHATBOT TIC Málaga TechPark SaaS platform omnichannel chatbots for the metaverse, phone, WhatsApp and other communication channels.
ECOFIBRAL Circular economy PC Alicante Recovery of inorganic fibers in composite materials for waste management.
FIBRAS NATURALES CANARIAS Circular economy PT Gran Canaria Extraction of natural fibers from banana tree residues for the textile and plastic sector.
GENBIOMA Medicine and Health PT Garaia Development of personalized probiotics and postbiotics for the regulation of blood glucose.
GODATA Industrial PT Garaia Software architecture that incorporates data from productive machines to anticipate problems.
HEXAVRSE TIC PCT Tenerife Virtual reality environment with communication and productivity tools for companies.
IARTE TIC PCT Avilés 'Isla de la Innovación' AI platform that facilitates access to 2D art for blind or visually impaired people.
IKI HEALTH Medicine and Health ParcBit SaaS aimed at therapists, clinics and insurers to optimize the management and monitoring of patients.
INFERIA TIC PC Alicante Marketplace based on blockchain and smart contracts to establish data use agreements.
KAMAROS AQUACULTURE Agrotech PC GRAN CANARIA Local production of fresh shrimp with a method that reduces costs and avoids using chemicals and antibiotics.
LUEIRA TIC PCT Lleida Cloud platform for sports business management.
NIMBUS CONNECTED SOLUTIONS Agrotech PCT Lleida Irrigation optimization systems and reduction of water consumption in livestock farms.
NRET - NEUROREHABILITATION BY EYE TRACKER Medicine and Health PCT Tenerife Neurorehabilitation platform with games that activate areas of the brain by controlling virtual elements with the movement of the eyes.
ONCONEOVAC Medicine and Health PCT Lleida Formulation of personalized therapeutic vaccines for patients with advanced melanoma unable to induce an immune response.
PICK AND PAY TIC La Salle Technova One-stop-shop platform from which bars and restaurants can manage all their business.
PIPALOOK Circular economy ParcBit Online trade in children's fashion to promote the circular economy through the rental and sale of second-hand clothing.
PLAVED TIC ParcBit Hybrid visual inspection tool to make certified virtual visits to construction sites or other spaces and provide immediate visual assistance.
ROOM2030 Industrial PCT Avilés 'Isla de la Innovación' Solution that aspires to revolutionize the construction sector by catalyzing its digital and sustainable transformation through its value chain.
SCALADE TIC PCT Lleida Platform as a Service (PaaS) integration and orchestration to manage data flows at scale.
SOUTHERN BIOREFINERY Agrotech Málaga TechPark Design and commercialization of waste management processes from which PLA and other bioplastics are obtained.
THERMOSENTINEL TIC PT Gran Canaria Mobile system to detect and georeference forest fires with greater precision using AI, GIS and thermography.
TOTIA Medicine and Health ParcBit Automatic digital analysis and reporting of X-ray images for dentists.
VISUTRAIN Medicine and Health PC Alicante Digital platform for visual evaluation and training through connection with an eye-tracking system and virtual reality.
WEARBE TIC La Salle Technova SaaS platform that develops customizable 3D avatars so that users can simulate trying on clothes.

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