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11 March 2024 | Posted by angela.tuduri

5 trends to succeed in social media this 2024

Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and relate to the world.

Since their inception in the 2000s, they have rapidly transformed and become an integral part of our lives. But what will social media look like in the future, and where is it headed?   

Today, we explore the trends and predictions for social media in 2024.  

Social networks, a connected world  

Millions of people use social networks around the world every day. They have opened up a world of possibilities for communication, interaction and collaboration.   

There are expected to be 4.62 billion social network users worldwide by 2024, representing 58.4% of the world's population."

- Statista

From their beginnings as platforms for connecting with friends and family, they have evolved into multifaceted spaces that impact many aspects of our lives. 

The Rise of Social Engagement in the Digital Age  

Social engagement indicates the interaction between a brand and its followers. In recent years, the importance of social engagement in marketing and advertising strategies has grown considerably to be worth more than $1 trillion.  

Social commerce will be worth $1.2 trillion by 2024."

- Accenture

Social engagement is expected to become even more crucial to a brand's success on social networks. Platforms are becoming increasingly saturated with content, so they will need to unleash creativity and strategies to stand out and capture users' attention.  

In 2024, RRSS platforms will increase the implementation of new tools and functions to foster social engagement, such as interactive polls, games and user-generated content (UGC).  

But what will be the trends that will mark this 2024 in the sector? 

The 5 most important trends in social networks this 2024  

Interactive video  

Video will continue to dominate as a content format, but now with greater user participation. Interactive videos will allow users to make decisions within the video, creating a more personalized and engaging experience.   

Of the 4.8 billion Internet users worldwide, 20.83% use TikTok."

- Semrush

Niche social networks  

Generalist platforms will give way to greater fragmentation, with the rise of niche social networks specialized in specific topics. These platforms will meet the needs of communities with particular interests, creating spaces for deeper and more relevant connection.  

The Integration of Artificial Intelligence  

Brands will use AI in RRSS to further personalize the content shown to users based on their interests and behaviors in the digital environment.   

Brands like Nike, Amazon or BMW already use AI to improve their operations and offer more advanced services to their customers."

- RockContent

In addition, AI will be used to improve the accuracy of audience targeting and ad targeting. 

Influencers and micro-influencers  

Brands are looking for collaborations with relevant influencers to increase trust with their target audience.  

Including micro-influencers with specific niches will be an emerging trend in 2024. These influencers, with smaller but highly engaged audiences, will offer a higher ROI and a more authentic connection with consumers.  

Transparency and Authenticity  

In recent years, there has been an increased demand for transparency and authenticity on social media. Users are tired of misleading advertising and brands that are not authentic in their online communications have ceased to succeed.  

In the future, this trend is expected to continue to rise and brands are expected to be more transparent and authentic in their social media interactions. 

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The digital age has made social media the heart of our online interactions. For sharing memorable moments, keeping us informed and/or connected to our environment, these platforms have transformed the way we communicate with the world.  

Social media marketing is a constantly evolving field. The future sees the arrival of new platforms and trends that brands will need to incorporate to stay relevant.  

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