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08 February 2021 | Posted by cristofor.fernandez

Arturo Franco, professor of MIAD, premieres the series ‘Jardines con historia’ at La 2

At the beginning of this 2021, La 2 de RTVE premiered the series Jardines con historia, a program that wants to raise awareness about the landscape heritage and that will walk through the architecture of the gardens, the history of art and botany. The program is presented by Arturo Franco, architect and professor of the Master in Integrated Architectural Design (MIAD) of the School of Architecture and Building Engineering of La Salle-URL (ETSALS).

According to the RTVE website: "Jardines con historia are a combination of landscape and botanical architecture, which also analyzes scientific and humanistic concerns, as well as the climate or agricultural techniques that originated these spaces." Conservators, journalists, landscapers, historians and writers will participate in the different chapters, who together with Arturo Franco will review the biography of historical figures committed to the environment and will talk about sustainability.

A dozen gardens from all over Spain will serve as the location for each program, and will be the hanger for the MIAD professor, together with the guests, to reflect on the world of entertainment, art and originality associated with each of these spaces. They will also talk about how the gardens have been the scene of gatherings of intellectuals, an attraction for painters and a claim for travelers of all kinds.