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20 March 2024 | Posted by Editorial Team GRETEL

Data protection and cybersecurity in the classroom: New virtual training for teachers

The University Institute of Education Sciences of the University of Salamanca and the Research Group on Technology Enhanced Learning (GRETEL) have joined forces to offer an innovative virtual training in data protection and cybersecurity for teachers.

Why is this training important?

In the digital age, information security and privacy are more important than ever, especially in education. Teachers need the tools and knowledge to protect their students in the digital environment.

What does this training offer?

  • Knowledge of the basics of student data protection.
  • Identification of secure tools for use in the classroom.
  • Recognition of vulnerabilities in computer media.
  • Training to educate students in these vital areas.

How can I participate?

The training is delivered virtually through the Open Training Programme of the Teacher Training Plan of the University of Salamanca.


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