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03 June 2022 | Posted by angela.tuduri

Driving the shift to energy efficiency

Each year, a growing number of people decide to change their lifestyles and embrace healthier, safer and more environmentally conscious habits. Global warming and the sustainability of the planet are the major concerns of governments and communities. During 2021, energy efficiency far exceeded the levels of previous years.   

The importance of caring for the environment in which we live is growing every day and renewable energies are increasingly being promoted to achieve a more sustainable planet. The International Energy Agency is now focusing all its efforts on improving energy security, climate change and energy savings through renewables. 

"Shaping a secure and sustainable energy future for all" IEA 

Renewable energies represent clean energy sources that are reusable and inexhaustible. Solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tidal, wave, biomass or biogas. Within the renewable energies, solar, wind and hydraulic energy are the most used by the sectors.   

In Spain, renewable energies are undoubtedly the next great opportunity. Our country ranks fifth in the global list of regions with potential growth in renewables and third in Europe, with 35% more solar irradiation than other European countries.    

Photovoltaic energy will contribute more than 60% of the growth in renewable energies by 2022, being the most demanded by the electricity sector. The installation of photovoltaic panels also broke records in 2021. The implementation of energy-efficient and sustainable installations is the next step.   

We are heading into a period of digitalization, storage and diversification in which renewable energies are the focus. The advantages of renewable energies focus on reducing carbon emissions. The goal is to decarbonize the planet and achieve a zero-emission Europe by 2050. 

"The deployment of renewable energy as a whole still needs to expand significantly to meet the zero net emissions scenario quota by 2050 of more than 60% of generation by 2030" IEA. 

Sustainable and energy-efficient projects are also growing every day. Companies are starting to look for more sustainable and eco-friendly resources. In architecture we also see reflected projects focused on improving the earth's natural resources for construction and building.  

Society is increasingly aware of the need to take care of the environment. We must keep our planet clean and for that we need to reduce energy consumption, gas emissions and carbon footprint.  

At La Salle Campus Barcelona we are aware of the need for change, therefore, we train students to become professionals capable of carrying out actions in solar thermal and photovoltaic energy. The Postgraduate Degree in Energy Efficiency allows you to understand the needs for the implementation of efficient, sustainable and long-lasting devices and installations.  

The Master's Degree in Integrated Construction Management: Sustainability and Efficiency prepares you to work as an architectural and building management technician from the perspective of smart cities and urban sustainability.  

Drive the change towards a more efficient society and be part of global change. 


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