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13 September 2023 | Posted by angela.tuduri

IT News: Celebrating programmer's day!

Did you know there is a day in the calendar specifically dedicated to programmers?

The programmer's day is celebrated every September 13, corresponding to the 256th day of the year. Do you know why this day was chosen? 256 is the number of different values that can be represented with a byte, this being the basic unit of information in computing.  

Programming is a science that requires creativity, logic, precision and passion. Programmers are responsible for designing, developing, testing and maintaining the code that gives life to applications, operating systems, web pages, video games...  

In this post we bring you the latest news of a booming industry that today celebrates its international day with the help of Xavier Solé, coordinator of the Degree in Engineering Computer Science at La Salle-URL. 

Read on! 

The evolution of programming 

Programming has evolved significantly in recent years. Today, software is ubiquitous throughout our ecosystem, but what exactly is programming? 

Programming is the process of creating instructions that tell a computer how to perform a task. These instructions are commonly called code, and are written in programming languages. The languages most commonly used by programmers are: Python, Java, C#, JavaScript or Ruby. 

Programming allows the creation of software, present in our lives in countless ways: everyday instruments such as the washing machine, the refrigerator or the car, have specific software to allow better performance and to be able to offer more and more functionalities"

- Xavier Solé, coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at La Salle-URL

Programmers are responsible for creating the software we use in our day-to-day lives, from the operating systems on our computers to the applications we use on our phones to medical systems.  

We are talking about an industry in constant transformation, especially in this technological era. The rapid digitization and growth of the IT sector has significantly boosted the demand for digital solutions. Companies looking to develop effective products must stay on top of the latest updates. 

Software is not only the apps, internet search engines, web portals, voice assistants, social networks or intelligent chats. Today, programming materializes innovative technological ideas that facilitate our daily lives, create new habits and even new paradigms in our society."

- Xavier Solé, coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at La Salle-URL

Digital creative innovation – Upcoming challenges in programming 

Programmers are in a field that requires continuous learning, new technologies appear continuously and their knowledge is decisive to devise quality, efficient and secure software. 

Some of the current trends in the industry are the programming of Internet of Things devices and the programming of artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms. Currently, software is programmed not only for computers or cell phones, but also for smart vacuum cleaners, light bulbs, autonomous vehicles, televisions, etc. that are added to the large network, the Internet.  

This hyperconnected world generates huge amounts of information, and now we want to take advantage of all this information by applying artificial intelligence algorithms."

- Xavier Solé, coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at La Salle-URL

The most important trends in the sector include: 

  • Increased Internet of things programming 

  • The use of low-code and no-code to speed development 

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning  

Software development is a complex field that requires technical skills including programming languages, data structure and algorithms among others. This situation opens up opportunities for a multitude of new applications, such as fraud prediction systems in the banking sector or chatbots based on generative artificial intelligence.  

Thanks to quantum computing that is beginning to emerge, we will see important changes in the world of cybersecurity, the generation of predictive models or simulation, very useful for the fields of bioinformatics."

- Xavier Solé, coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at La Salle-URL

The potential of artificial intelligence should be considered, taking advantage of its capabilities for the performance of repetitive and routine tasks, enhancing the programmer's work in complex and value-adding tasks.   

Programmer’s profile - career opportunities 

The software development process, which is becoming increasingly complex, requires true software architects who are able to value the technology and choose the one that allows to obtain the maximum value for the project.   

The programmer is the professional in charge of creating, modifying and maintaining computer applications, using different programming languages and technological tools.  

You must be able to analyze user needs, design appropriate solutions, write source code, debug bugs, document the work done and perform quality testing. You must also be up to date with industry developments and trends, as well as best practices and quality standards. 

Some examples of profiles are: 

  • Web programmer: in charge of creating and maintaining web pages, using languages such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript. He/she can work both on the client side (front-end) and on the server side (back-end). 
  • Application programmer: he/she is in charge of developing software that runs on different devices, such as computers, mobiles or tablets. He may use languages such as Java, C#, Swift or Kotlin. 
  • Video game programmer: specializes in creating interactive games for different platforms, such as consoles, PCs or mobiles. They can use languages such as C++, C# or Python, and tools such as Unity or Unreal Engine. 
  • Artificial intelligence programmer: dedicated to implementing algorithms and models that allow machines to learn and solve complex problems. They can work with languages such as Python, R or MATLAB, and libraries such as TensorFlow or PyTorch. 
  • Database programmer: designs, implements and manages the databases that store the information needed for the applications. They can use languages such as SQL, PL/SQL or MongoDB, and systems such as Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL. 
  • Security programmer: specializes in protecting computer systems from external or internal attacks. They may use languages such as Python, C# or Ruby, and tools such as Nmap, Metasploit or Burp Suite. 

Programming at La Salle-URL 

At La Salle-URL we are committed to programming in all degrees related to the field of technology and engineering.  

We know that for all future professionals it is an indispensable tool, and for this reason, we are deliberately committed to learning by doing (hands-on) by developing practices in multiple scenarios, including transdisciplinary work, a reflection of today's working world.  

At La Salle-URL we train integral professionals, with values, innovative and entrepreneurial skills, mastery of technology and a global vision.   

We live in an "instantaneous" world, in which we can momentarily forget that everything takes time. Programming requires learning to think differently, you have to persevere to achieve it, in programming practically everything is possible and the result depends largely on perseverance, dedication and effort."

- Xavier Solé, coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at La Salle-URL

On campus we have quality training programs in different areas related to computer science, such as computer engineering, software engineering, artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity or web development. 

In addition to the technical component of the engineering area, we also include management and entrepreneurship, to which we add the study of the most important ethical theories and current dilemmas from different ethical criteria"

- Xavier Solé, coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at La Salle-URL

If you are passionate about programming and want to become a qualified professional in demand by companies, discover La Salle-URL's programs and take your future to the next level. 

Happy programmer's day to all of you who make it possible for technology to keep advancing and improving our lives, thank you! 


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