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08 April 2024 | Posted by angela.tuduri

Masters at La Salle-URL | Approach and Methodologies

Master's programs have become an essential factor in the professional development and career advancement of many people.

Master's programs have moved from a traditional approach based on the simple transmission of knowledge, to a model more focused on real and experiential learning, practical application of knowledge and the development of transversal skills.  

Emerging technologies and the needs of the labor market are changing, and lifelong learning must become an indispensable tool for the success of tomorrow's professionals.  

In this article, we explore the trends, methodology and approaches of master's programs to help you better understand how they can benefit your career.  

The training of the future | Real and personalized experience  

Adopting new approaches and methodologies ensures comprehensive and relevant training that prepares students for today's job market.  

Today, master's programs are increasingly specializing in specific areas, offering in-depth training relevant to the needs of the labor market. That is why master's programs promote real training through experience, connection with the real world and active methodologies. 

Active methodologies and experiential learning  

Students are expected to learn by doing, with real projects, case studies and simulations.   

Master's programs are placing greater emphasis on hands-on learning through internships, real projects and case studies. Students can apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to real situations in the working world.  

Blended learning and flexibility  

Face-to-face and virtual education are combined, allowing for greater flexibility and personalization of learning.  

Master's programs are adopting more flexible formats, such as online or blended learning, to adapt to the needs of students who combine their studies with other activities.  

Teamwork and collaboration among students are encouraged, so that they learn to work together and solve problems creatively.  

In addition, we have an innovative online modality created by us, the Self-Driven Learning online modality, based on the constructivist method, adapts to your previous knowledge to optimize your study time to the maximum, with the same support as a classroom training.   


The master's degree programs are committed to internationalization, offering programs in English, scholarships for international students and agreements with universities in other countries.  

Students participating in international programs also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and perspectives, which allows you to be more competitive in the global job market. 

Current programs and trends  

Current trends in master's programs include growing interest in areas such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, environmental sustainability and business management.  

In addition, there is an increase in demand for programs that incorporate soft skills, such as leadership, effective communication, conflict resolution and teamwork. These skills are increasingly valued by companies and are fundamental for professional success in any field.  

  • Master's degrees in STEM areas: There is a great demand for professionals in areas such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Companies need professionals who can help them adapt to the digital age.   

Master's programs in AI offer expertise in machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, computer vision and other related areas.  

  • Soft skills masters: These programs prioritize the development of skills such as effective communication, teamwork, problem solving, leadership, empathy and emotional intelligence.   

These skills, while not technical or specific to a particular industry, are critical to success in any work environment, and are increasingly valued in business.   

  • Sustainability and social awareness: The growing concern for the environment and sustainability requires professionals capable of addressing the problem.   

Programs in environmental sustainability address topics such as renewable energy, natural resource management, sustainable development and environmental policies.  

Be Real, Be You | The La Salle-URL education  

With a strong international vision, practical training, and an advanced application of technology oriented to business innovation and entrepreneurship, at La Salle-URL we are constantly working to update our programs and offer a quality and prestigious education.   

We offer active, flexible, intelligent methodologies based on the use of technology adapted to the training needs. We create personalized learning experiences, whether face-to-face, blended, distance or fully online. We adapt our approach to the specific needs of each program and student, exploring the possibilities and combinations offered by current educational technology.  

In addition, our Masters have international stages in Silicon Valley, Holland, China. You will come into contact with the intercultural and international reality of the largest economies in the world.  

Discover the programs of La Salle Campus Barcelona!   




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