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03 October 2023 | Posted by angela.tuduri

Oriol Estrada takes over the direction of the Master's Degree in eHealth at La Salle-URL

The director of healthcare strategy and innovation at the Gerencia Territorial Metropolitana Nord of the Institut Català de la Salut and expert in healthcare technologies, becomes the new director of the Master in eHealth at La Salle-URL.   

After more than 20 years collaborating in projects related to hospitalization and healthcare management alternatives, Oriol Estrada leads the promotion of clinical innovation in Spain through healthcare integration, transversality and the creation of alliances, the main lines of action in a sector that is constantly changing.   

Innovation is the lever that will allow us to face the challenges of the future. For this reason, our objective includes the promotion of talent and technological innovation."

- Oriol Estrada, director of the Master's Degree in eHealth at La Salle-URL

The eHealth sector is a constantly evolving industry driven by technology and the need to improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare. 

Opportunities in a growing sector  

As Oriol Estrada points out, healthcare has traditionally been a conservative sector when it comes to generating and introducing organizational changes in the care process. Too often we have incorporated new technology without first considering a radical reform of the care model.  

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of telemedicine and digital health solutions, enabling the development of applications and platforms that facilitate access to medical care.  

The future of healthcare is about adopting technologies that allow us to increase connectivity, empowerment. Gathering and managing large amounts of data and taking advantage of technological advances that allow us to consolidate a paradigm shift in the way we treat the health of the population."

- Oriol Estrada, director of the Master's Degree in eHealth at La Salle-URL

Artificial intelligence and machine learning also play a key role in the early identification of diseases, the management of medical data and the personalization of treatments. In addition, health data interoperability has become a key objective to improve coordination between healthcare professionals and patients. 

The main trends in the industry are:  

  • Personalized healthcare: the use of data and technologies to provide healthcare more tailored to patients' individual needs.  

  • Remote healthcare: the use of technologies to provide remote healthcare, allowing patients to receive care without having to travel to a medical center.  

  • Prevention and health promotion: the use of technologies to help patients prevent disease and improve their overall health.  

Digital platforms and internet communication open up the possibility of remote patient monitoring and 24/7 contact with their healthcare team. This is a formidable starting point for disseminating eHealth."

- Oriol Estrada, director of the Master's Degree in eHealth at La Salle-URL

Oriol Estrada - a professional's perspective  

Estrada highlights the importance of collaboration between academia and industry in the training of eHealth professionals.   

Availability makes us a hyperconnected society and I consider it the cornerstone of the true digital revolution in health."

- Oriol Estrada, director of the Master's Degree in eHealth at La Salle-URL

The healthcare field is immersed in a dizzying dynamism, characterized by changes that generate a new paradigm. Therefore, the key lies in the ability to reinvent ourselves and develop new ways of operating in medicine. The miniaturization of electronics and wearable devices with multiple sensors enables a new model of massive and increasingly sustainable remote monitoring. Other technologies such as robotics, photonics, new materials, etc. complete a panorama in which the possibilities for improving the care we provide to the population are almost endless.  

Getting out of our comfort zone has become imperative and humanizing medicine is a fundamental step in this process. It means learning to master technology without losing sight of the human essence that surrounds medical care."

- Oriol Estrada, director of the Master's Degree in eHealth at La Salle-URL

It is not just a matter of incorporating technological devices and resources, but of cultivating a digital culture that allows us to be more technological and more personalized in medical care. This involves understanding the individual needs of each patient and tailoring digital solutions to meet them precisely.  

In short, eHealth comprises a battery of resources, competencies and technologies that allow us to continue caring for people wherever they are, without significant disruption to their rhythm of life, in a safe and sustainable way, empowering patients and ultimately helping us to improve health outcomes and the experience of patients and professionals.  

Students acquire knowledge and tools to lead eHealth projects. The evolution and personalized monitoring of students throughout the entire teaching program provides them with the value of multidisciplinarity, teamwork and operational problem solving."

- Oriol Estrada, director of the Master's Degree in eHealth at La Salle-URL

La Salle-URL Master in eHealth  

La Salle-URL's Master in eHealth is known for its excellence in training healthcare and technology professionals. It offers students a solid understanding of the convergence between healthcare and technology, preparing students to play a crucial role in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.  

The contents are designed to take a global view from the point of view of identifying challenges and unmet needs, devising and designing solutions and implementing them. In addition to this global and generalist vision, I would highlight the clinical component that the master's degree has."

- Oriol Estrada, director of the Master's Degree in eHealth at La Salle-URL

With this new direction, La Salle-URL reaffirms its commitment to academic excellence and the training of highly qualified professionals in the field of eHealth




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