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15 March 2024 | Posted by Editorial Team DS4DS

Workshop on AI Applied to Companies in the Children and Family Sector within the framework of the InnovAI Project

Revealing the Potential of AI: Transformative Workshop at La Salle-URL

On March 12th, La Salle-URL hosted a pioneering workshop with nearly 20 companies from the children and family sector. This diverse meeting, ranging from toys to education and health, explored the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for businesses, including a preview of an innovative AI tool we are developing.

Part of the InnovAI project, this initiative aimed to identify the needs of companies regarding AI to create a diagnostic tool for implementing AI solutions. It's a step towards eliminating barriers to AI adoption, increasing the technological capabilities of SMEs, and opening up new business opportunities.

Experts like Xavier Vilasis and Juan Manuel García Sánchez from La Salle-URL shared insights on the origins of AI and its potential for business through practical examples, highlighting the role of innovation in business success in today's digital world. This workshop marked a significant move towards driving innovation and competitiveness in the Catalan business landscape through AI.


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