CTMedia successfully tests its DVB-T2 gateway in “DVB-T2 plug fest”

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Once again CTMedia La Salle has reached a major achievement in digital video broadcasting. Last 22-23 June 2010, during the DVB-T2 plug fest organised by the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) in Berlin, researchers in CTMedia showed the interoperability of the recently developed DVB-T2 gateway with other DVB-T2 modulators and receivers.

In this DVB-T2 plug fest, CTMedia La Salle showed interoperability of its own gateway with Multiple Physical Layer Pipes (MPLPs) with respect DVB-T2 modulators and receivers developed by the major players in the field as SONY, Panasonic, Samsung Dektec, Enensys or Rohde & Schwarz. The test successfully demonstrated how the PLP technology allows the combining of services with different transmission requirements. For example, HDTV to roof top antennas or Standard Definition TV (SDTV) to receivers with indoor antennas within the same channel.

In the past CTMedia La Salle was also pioneer in the development of DVB-MHP and DVB-H encapsulators. The development of the DVB-T2 gateway is a major milestone of the centre in its roadmap to develop new products for next generation broadcasting networks.

More information from the official DVB web site here.

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