28 May 2020

The URL, sixth best performing university in Spain according to the CYD ranking

The Ramon Llull University (URL), of which La Salle-URL is a member, ranks in the prestigious CYD Ranking as the 6th best performing university in the state and the 2nd in the field of private education. In the region of Catalonia, the URL has been considered the 1st in the private area and the 4th with the best overall performance. These data consolidate the URL as one of the best rated universities by educational rankings, both in Spain and in Catalonia.

To elaborate this institutional ranking 76 higher education centers have been evaluated, representing 94% of the Spanish university system, through 37 indicators grouped in six fields: Teaching and learning, Research, Knowledge Transfer, International Orientation, Contribution to Regional Development and, as a novelty in relation to last year, entering the labor market.

Of the 37 indicators evaluated to build up the institutional ranking, the URL has achieved 24 in high performance, being above the average compared to other universities, 7 in medium-performance and 6 in low-performance. The international orientation dimension is particularly noteworthy, since it achieves six out of the seven indicators evaluated, and where the URL is positioned as the 4th best Spanish university in this dimension. The Ramon Llull University (URL) is consolidated in the top 10 Spanish universities, going up two places compared to last year.

In the Teaching and Learning field, 6 out of the 9 indicators have been evaluated with maximum performance, and five out of the nine in the Research field. In the Knowledge Transfer field, 5 out of the 8 indicators are also above average for universities. Finally, the Contribution to Regional Development field, 2 out of 4 indicators have obtained the maximum performance.

La Salle Campus Barcelona, ​​as a founding member of the Ramon Llull University, receives these results with great joy and satisfaction for the work carried out by all.