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20 November 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities

A political delegation from the Congress of Peru visit La Salle-URL to learn about the clusters of innovation

A delegation of congressmen from Peru visited the La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL and its innovation park, La Salle Technova Barcelona, to know first hand the reality of the clusters of innovation and then be able to carry out in their country. The 3 Congressmen of the Republic, Ing. Guillermo A. Bocangel Weydert, also congressman of the region, Ing. Moisés Guía Pinto and Mr. César Antonio Segura Izquierdo, as well as Col. FAP Edgar Guevara Contreras, Technical Director of the National Center for Satellite Imaging Operations, took a stage in Barcelona.

All of them represented the Commission of Science, Innovation and Technology of the Congress of the Republic. According to Guillermo A. Bocangel, the objective of the visit was to strengthen these points, science and innovation, to promote the creation of public policies that are in agreement at the moment, and that still do not exist in Peru.

In addition to the visit to La Salle and Technova, the delegation also met the 22 @, Action of the Generalitat and the Synchrotron. The knowledge acquired in Barcelona will allow them to import into their country this experience, to cite the actors that would have to intervene in these processes of change in Peru and see how this type of science and technology parks could be deployed in their country, within a period of 7-8 years.

Mr. César Antonio Segura also wanted to emphasize that "these parks teach us a structure of operation and relationship between all the actors, how to give value chain, very important for companies".


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