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28 January 2021 | Posted by Team Technova

2020 was a year of opportunities for Eixos

Startup Eixos, develops reports on the impact of covid-19 in the retail sector of many cities around the world.

EIXOS, a startup created in 2010 and incubated at Salle Technova since 2015, is a digital economic observatory that offers information to economic agents that operate in a certain territory.

2020, that for many was a difficult year, for Eixos has been one of the greatest opportunities, since they developed reports on the impact of covid-19 in the retail sector of many cities around the world. These reports not only served as an alert on how the fabric of companies is distributed, but also helped to have a better manage of the economic crisis in their city. In the same way, they have been a great help to businessmen and entrepreneurs making better decisions about their businesses.

EIXOS combines data from field work, periodically collected by them, with data from public administrations and other private entities. Eixos has been contracted by cities such as São Paulo, in Brazil, New York, in the United States, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona and the Greater London Authority. In 2021 Eixos plans to offer the service of monitoring and detecting opportunities to improve retail to cities on five continents and also works with the evaluation of real estate assets based on the economic and geographical environment.


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