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17 February 2021 | Posted by Team Technova

EarthPulse facilitates access to data thanks to artificial intelligence models.

EarthPulse access satellite data, develop and integrate it, with the use of artificial intelligence.


EarthPulse's mission is to facilitate access to the value of earth observation data by reducing its cost and complexity thanks to artificial intelligence models. It was created in July 2020, and has been incubated at La Salle Technova, the innovation park of La Salle Campus Barcelona, since September 2020.

The startup has access to satellite data, that its developed and integrated, with the use of artificial intelligence (regression models, neural networks, and deep learning), and present reports with more complex data, in a simple and innovative way. EarthPulse is formed by scientists, experts in earth observation and machine learning, software developers, innovators, as well as product and business experts. Their data engine to make their work possible is SCAN, an automated satellite annotation tool that helps them automate detection and segmentation while lowering the cost of data processing.

EarthPulse has applied its data to the economic and social impact of natural floods, the conservation of river channels, identifying the crucial points for prioritizing maintenance actions on rivers and industrial activity, assessing the status of industrial activity and the impact of COVID and reclamation. EarthPulse also conducts trend studies to detect market opportunities.

EarthPulse has been involved in the AI4EO initiative (ESA's initiative to leverage the value of artificial intelligence for processing Earth observation data (AI4EO), has provided indicators for RACE (ESA's initiative to estimate the impact of COVID on industrial production) and is currently gaining commercial traction through several pilots.


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