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09 September 2021 | Posted by Team Technova

Investment Readiness Programme - Last chance to boost your project and attract international investment

It is a programme in which Scale-up Champions team, mentors and international experts will train start-ups and share their knowledge to ensure they attract investment!

Last opportunity to join the Investment Readiness programme in the framework of the Scale-Up Champions (SuC). La Salle Technova Barcelona y La Salle-URL are members of Scale-up Champions Project.

Investment Readiness programme is designed to support deep tech start-ups to get ready to receive funding from EU investors, angels, or venture capitals. Scale-up Champions team, international mentors and experts will coach you and share their expertise to ensure you attract investment!

You will join a SuC Community with more than 80 European start-ups that have already attracted investments during past two years! You can also be one of them!

Program schedule:

  • Kick off from October 2021. Online format.
  • It will last between 3-6 months (considering your individual needs).
  • 10 hours of individual mentorship sessions.
  • Extra meetings with international experts to build the fundraising capacity 
  • Set of online trainings and workshops on go-to-market strategies and building investment capacities.
  • It will help startup prepare them for the pitches during Scale-up Champions Demo Days.
  • Unique access to international pool of mentors and experts 
  • Free of charge, supported by H2020 program at the European Commission.

Applications will be open until 17 September (extended deadline) for deep tech start-ups that want to accelerate their growth.

If you are interested, don’t miss this great chance, and register at the last Investment Readiness Program!
Apply HERE.

Click here for more information about SCALE UP CHAMPIONS.


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