25 March 2020

Covid-19: experts from La Salle-URL talk about its impact

The teaching activity of La Salle-URL Campus has not stopped due to the unusual current situation. Since Monday, March 16th, all academic activity is being taught virtually thanks to a management system designed for all faculty and students on Campus. Together, professors, researchers and experts at La Salle-URL are aware of the situation and combine their currently virtual academic activity with the study of the Covid-19 pandemic effects.

In this way, some of the professionals at La Salle-URL have analyzed, from their field of knowledge, the inevitable impact of the coronavirus in different fields related to the areas of knowledge of La Salle-URL: Architecture, Business & Management, Engineering, Computer Science and Animation, Digital Arts & VFX. In addition to thinking on how Covid-19 is impacting on different areas of society, they analyze the possible consequences of the pandemic and how this will affect the ways of doing, being and proceeding established up to now.

The sports management industry

Sport does not escape the paralysis caused by the pandemic. The COVID-19 has forced the industry to postpone the majority of its events, making the sports offer an unprecedented oasis. The Olympic Games and the Euro Cup, which had to be held this summer, have postponed their celebration until 2021. In addition, all professional sports leagues and competitions have been forced to stop indefinitely and live a period of uncertainty for not knowing if they are going to be able to resume or if, in the worst case scenario, they should be suspended. Chris Kennet, Academic Director of La Salle-URL Business Degree programs, analyzes the impact and possible consequences of the pandemic in the sports industry.

Operation of the network in times of confinement

The pandemic has forced networks around the world into an unprecedented workload. But how does the signal that enables communication with the outside world reach homes around the world? Joan Lluís Pijoan, professor of the department of engineering at La Salle-URL, explains the processes that the signal follows to allow interconnectivity on a global level. Due to the pandemic and the consequent massive use of networks, both for teleworking or for consuming streaming entertainment, connection and traffic are being affected. In the video, Joan Lluís Pijoan talks about the increase in data usage handled by the operators.

Keys to managing virtual teams

The virtual nature of work and telecommuting has reinforced its validity as working methods as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis. In fact, many experts predict that the current situation will give a decisive boost to the way we operate, turning the "remote worker" into a valuable asset in most companies. Laurentiu Neamtu, director of the Project Management Area at La Salle-URL, talks about it in an article (5 keys for virtual team management) published on the blog 'Think like a project manager' and in a video (Teleworking and COVID-19) that can be watched on La Salle-URL’s Youtube channel. In his analysis he explains the five main aspects of the issue.

The impact on eCommerce

Santiago Sánchez, director of eBusiness Programs Area at La Salle-URL, explains the impact that the pandemic is having on eCommerce: a decrease in demand in most businesses, an increase in essential products, a rebound in the importance of logistics and the key role of home delivery.

How to manage a reputational crisis

Gemma Vallet, professor at La Salle-URL and an expert in Branding, analyzes how companies should act in a situation as exceptional as the one we are experiencing today. Some of the aspects that she thinks companies should consider are the importance of executing a methodical strategy, of carefully thinking about the messages that are being addressed to the people and establishing clear communication.

Spanish operators' networks

In the blog 'Thinking about data center solutions', engineers from La Salle-URL have posted about the impact of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic on the networks of Spanish operators. The post talks about the increase in traffic during the confinement and about the need for responsible use of networks to avoid their collapse. You can consult the article in our blog.

Culture and art reinvent creative formulas

The artist Ana Drucker, coordinator of the Degree in Digital Arts at La Salle-URL, analyzes the incidence of the Covid-19 in art and culture in the blog 'Digital Art, Animation & VFX'. In her section 'Health effects on culture and art', Drucker explains how artists and cultural managers have had to temporarily reinvent themselves to keep producing and continuing to show the world their work. In addition, she gathers the best plans of the area to continue enjoying art and culture virtually. You can consult the article in our blog

PostCovid-19, full of opportunities for entrepreneurship

Crises leave their mark and shape the ways of doing, being and behaving up to then.  The Harvard Business Review, among other prestigious international observatories, explains that the world before Covid-19 will look very little like the one we will find once the pandemic is over. Post Covid-19, the return to normality, will change the perception of what is important. Nothing will be the same either in the business world. The Innova Institute of La Salle-URL, a center that is part of the GREITM research group -specialized in research in the fields of technology management, innovation and entrepreneurship-, has studied how the pandemic can affect business environments and what opportunities can be generated as a result of this unusual situation. Thus, in a series of articles that the center is developing, they presented 10 opportunities to undertake when the pandemic is over. The center has also shared information about sustainable entrepreneurship for the post-Covid-19, has analyzed how cultural companies are adapting their business models and has wondered if the digital transformation of companies is, in reality, simply digital adaptation.

Time of inner revolution

Emma Barthe is a professor in the Neuro-Leadership Course at the La Salle-URL and leads the Neuroleadership and Psychodiagnosis program of the Arise Culture & People platform that belongs to the Group Nexe, Way of Change. In the blog 'Think like a Project Manager', the psychologist analyzes some words that are being used regularly in recent days: model, change, challenge, transformation, growth or evolution. She also talks about a period of deep inner revolution that must lead us to finish the old models of response and leap into the unknown without fear of releasing the familiar. You can consult the article in our blog.

'Digital Coffees', a series of meetings on the impact of the pandemic

La Salle-URL has initiated a series of meetings with experts to analyze, from different points of view, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The ‘Digital Coffees’ want to respond to concerns about the changes and transformation of the professional fabric as a consequence of the effects of the current environment. To do this, Lluís Font, director of Executive Education at La Salle-URL and coordinator of the Executive MBA, will invite different experts to talk with him about the future of the supply chain, agile methodologies, risk management, neuroliderazgo, digitization and eCommerce, among other sectors. Check the calendar of meetings.

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