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12 January 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities

Elisabet Golobardes reflects on the origins and impact of artificial intelligence at the 12x12 Congress

La Salle-URL's Prof. Dr. Elisabet Golobardes opened the '12x12 Congress' with a keynote on artificial intelligence which pretended to reflect on how this area that generates abysmal changes in technology can also participate in social developments. In her speech she traced back to the origins of this area at the beginning of the decade, with the advent of increasingly powerful computers. The need for artificial intelligence arising out of comes from the impossibility of treating large volumes of data generated by this new generation of computers. Therefore it was needed to create an entity with the ability to process huge amounts of information, and this would change the technological paradigm of the moment. This need created the artificial intelligence. With the creation of this area, data processing became something real, and since then it is a very important part not only of technology but of society in general. Then, if data and derived are essential in the technological world, what social and moral pitfalls there are for its development? On the one hand, we must ensure professional ethical codes and on the other also consider other infrastructures, as the social and economic impact and permanent change in labor relations. Thus, Golobardes opened the conference by making a reflection on the role of artificial intelligence since appeared as a root need for technological development to this day, as it can play a key role in how society advances.  


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