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12 January 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities

‘Professors i Ciència’ program from Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera registration now open

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL is participating in the twelfth edition of the program promoted by Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera 'Professors i Ciència', which from today opens registration. The training program offers courses to high school science teachers to help them improve their training and expertise, and to promote scientific careers among students. La Salle-URL contributes with the course 'Robotics in the classroom: problem solving and learning scientific, technical and social skills, Social STEAM (S2TEAM)'. The course will present the current state of the industry of the use of robotics in education from the academic and business approach, and resources and methodologies to implement educational and social robotics to serve any curriculum subject will be detailed. The added value of La Salle Campus Barcelona is that it offers several workshops for schools, providing them with a set of activities, both practical training and guidance, to bring students to engineering, architecture and management and animation fields.In addition, it also gives individual workshops for high school students and vocational training on the same educational areas. Finally, the structure of sharing spaces with teachers from schools will be explained. This is a course recognized by the Education Department of Generalidat de Catalunya, and will last for 16 hours over three days, on Wednesday 8 and Friday 10 February 2017, from 16 to 20h, and Saturday 11 from 9 to 14h and 15 to 19h.If you want to register you can click here . 01-Professors i ciència 2 01-Professors i ciència 3  


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