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21 February 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities

La Salle participates in Animac, the international animated film festival

From next March 2 will be held in Lleida the 4-day international animated film festival 'Animac'.After noting the success of the first and second years of the Degree in Animation and VFX, La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL will be represented by its Animation degree's Director, Felix Balbàs, who has an international experience of over 20 years in the sector, and a delegation of students that will explain their experience by showing some of their work. Animac is an international animation film festival that celebrates its 21th edition this year. During four days, the showroom will held several conferences and continuous screenings of short and feature animated films will be made. This year will feature relevant guests in the world of animation and several workshops will be held. If you want to register and find more information see the official website of Animac. The 21th edition of Animac will take place in the city of Lleida from 2 to 5 March 2017.


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