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24 April 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities

La Salle-URL improves the position of all the masters according to Eduniversal Ranking 2016 - 2017

Eduniversal, the company specializes in providing the annual list of business schools and universities, has published a new ranking of the best Masters and MBA programs Course 2016 - 2017 global, national and European level. Thus, celebrates academic excellence identified through an analysis conducted on more than 17,000 programs 1,000 universities and colleges in 154 countries.
The programs of La Salle-URL for many years have been listed in the Best Eduniversal Ranking Masters and this year we have improved the position of our masters. La Salle University Ramon Llull bursts into the category of Supply Chain with a 4th place in Spain for the Master in Supply Chain Management & Technology (MSCMT), entering the Top 100 of the World.
In addition, the Master User eXperience (MUX) debuts this year in the category eBusiness occupying the 8th place nationwide, and place 63 worldwide. La Salle Campus Barcelona in the category of Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Security with the Master in Consulting Business Intelligence (SAP SAPBI) is at number four in Spain and 33 (top 50) globally.
In the category of eBusiness, Masters in e-commerce (MECOM) is in 4th place in Spain and number 31 (top 100) worldwide. In Health Management, Master in eHealth (MEH) is in 4th place in Spain and 97 (top 100) in the world. In the category of Real Estate Management, the Master in Integrated Management of Construction (MGIC) is listed in 3rd place in Spain and the 79th (top 100) in the world. In the category of Sustainable Development and Environmental Management, Master in Sustainable Architecture and Energy Efficiency (MGIGA) is at number 3 in Spain and 94 (top 100) worldwide. In the category of Engineering and Project Management, Master in Project Management (MUDP) took 6th place in Spain and the 36th in Europe. Finally, in the category of Information Systems Management, the Master of Information Technology and Communication (MDT) is in the 3rd position in Spain and 40th in Europe. To learn more about our programs click here.

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