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24 April 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities

The second edition of the Games and Multimedia La Salle-URL starts

La Salle-URL has launched the second edition of the Multimedia & Video Games. Registrations are now open to participate and will be until June 16 at 13: 00h the last day to submit projects. The winner will receive a 30% scholarship to study Degree in Multimedia - Games of La Salle Campus Barcelona-year 2017-2018 URL. The competition is to perform a conceptual work of a game. The jury will consider originality, game design, design of the world, designing audio and user interface. Participants must submit a document from a template that provides the competition itself. The jury is chaired by Emiliano Labrador, director of the Master in Multimedia Creation (MCM) and professor GameDesign Degree in Multimedia Engineering from La Salle-URL, he will decide the other members of the jury, which will be professional the gaming industry. For more information see the competition on our website.


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