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23 May 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities

La Salle-URL forms the technologists of the future

The university center incorporates two new three-year degrees in software and digital and interactive applications. These are profiles with a high demand in the professional market due to its multidisciplinarity. La Salle-URL launches its first two 3-year degrees specialized in the technological area: the Degree in Techniques of Digital and Interactive Applications and the Degree in Techniques of Software Applications. These qualifications will train technical professionals who are currently very much in demand in the professional market and is expected to remain a growth trend in the upcoming years. A technologist can be defined as a qualified specialist who works in the field of technology applying their knowledge to solve problems, develop machines or systems that are useful in day to day. These new degrees of La Salle-URL respond to this new profile. The European Union forecasts already point in this direction and predicts that by 2020 900,000 new jobs will be created, mainly related to technology. In Spain, in 2020 there will be 1.9 million highly qualified professionals and throughout Europe this demand will grow at an annual rate of 10%. These are very practical degrees that form multidisciplinary professionals who know how to solve problems, which can work immediately and with high technical skills. This methodology is more open and the students participate in a much more active way in the classes and work as a team solving real cases, in many cases of companies (Learning by Challenge). The another two new degrees are open to high school students and training cycles, both technological and artistic and social. This way also gives a professional technical exit to those students who want to opt for this type of training more practical and highly specialized. The Degree in Digital and Interactive Application Techniques aims to provide knowledge in content related to design, creativity and interactive communication, as well as user experience and interactive peripherals. The profile is of a multimedia specialist who uses existing software and hardware tools to create others that provide solutions to current market problems. Thus, the profile of these students is of young people interested in developing interactive projects that can work in areas such as the design of interactive installations or interfaces, user experience or multimedia scriptwriter; In the field of art, 2D / 3D object creator and visual effects and sound, illuminator or camera operator; In programming, can be dedicated to web programming, mobile devices, audiovisuals or applications, transformation level, interactive installations technician, mapping technician, in mobile devices and electric vehicles. In this field, La Salle-URL celebrates this course the 20 years of the creation of the Degree in Multimedia Engineering, which was the first university career in Europe in Multimedia Engineering - and a few years later the first official degree in Spain in this area- When it entered fully into the world of digital entertainment and video game programming. With the new degree that is now being implemented, Multimedia studies continue to be developed to train professionals prepared to meet the current needs of the market, especially where there is a very high demand for this profile. The Degree in Techniques of Software Applications focuses on the methodological, technical and technological issues of computing from a very practical point of view, with output profiles related to the development of mobile applications, web creation, systems administration, technical support and digital marketing. It offers the opportunity to develop comprehensive projects based on real and current cases with a very practical and professional approach to have the capacity for immediate application of this knowledge in the world of work.


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