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24 May 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities

La Salle-URL participates in the EU project NIR-VANA

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL participates in the European Union project NIR-VANA started in May 2016. The objective is to develop online services that help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to innovate together with external partners. La Salle-URL specifically, is in charge of developing the Online platform that aims to be the formative basis in concepts of innovation. It will also be responsible for the training in face-to-face format in the different organized events. During the process, innovation advisors present services through an online platform in which SMEs can collaborate, co-create and co-participate in projects with other SMEs, experts and researchers from across Europe.

The training has focused mainly on the premise that the ideas and technologies that generate new products and processes arise from the collaboration with different actors along the value chain. The ability to work together with other companies, clients, suppliers, distributors, marketers, users and researchers following the open or collaborative approach of innovation is the key factor that allows a well-established innovation management system. At present innovation support services are insufficient, and more so with the emergence of collaborations created without continuous monitoring, efficient support methods and innovation management capacity.

Likewise, there are also online tools that comprise from social networks to the advances for the management of innovation. Although such tools exist, they are not sufficiently known or useful to SMEs.

Therefore, NIR-VANA develops an online training solution that will not only consider new and existing technologies and platforms, but also take into account the culture of innovation in SMEs and their preparation for ICT. In recent months there have been different acts of presentation and on 22 and 23 May will be La Salle-URL who will host the event. If you are interested go here and sign up.


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