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21 June 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities


One more year "la Caixa", the second most important Spanish financial institution, has selected La Salle-URL to award its International Student Aid Program awarding the best academic records with 70% economic endowments to study Master's Degrees in Spain.

The agreement benefits 5 Master's degrees taught in the university:

1. The MBA Full Time University Is aimed at recent university graduates or professionals with little experience and under 30 years who are interested in innovation and passion for the acquisition and generation of new knowledge. The objectives of the Master are to provide a global vision, foster creativity, incorporate digital technology, foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

2. The Master's Degree in Integral Construction Management, Design and Structural Design specialization, aimed at university graduates from Latin America in the field of construction, who want to train as technicians with a knowledge base in management, but with specific skills that enable them to practice professionally as specialists.

3. The Master in Multimedia Creation, Aimed at graduates and professionals related to any of the three specialties taught: designers and writers, engineers interested in interaction and 3D animators. The Master forms in Transmedia (narrative, Ludificar and serious game), Interaction (HCI, connection people-objects) and Animation (rigging, motion capture).

4. The Master's Degree in Management of Information and Communication Technologies, destined to international university, undergraduate, graduate, technical engineering, undergraduate or engineering degrees, who wish to expand their knowledge in the field of ICT management And the innovation of an organization.

5. University Master in Data Science, directed to those students who have the following degrees of licenses or graduates in: Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, Telematics, Multimedia; Engineering in Organization of the TIC; Direction of Technological Companies and Physics or Mathematics.

This program aims to create professionals capable of analyzing and projecting a large volume of data; Extract knowledge of large volumes of data; Visualize and communicate the knowledge extracted from the data and define, manage and execute nine projects based on the data sciences.

Those interested have until June 30 to file their application and on July 10 the resolution will be made public.

You can check all the information here.


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