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21 June 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities


Aimed at both consumers and professionals. The living space will increase in the second year and will be attended by leading industry brands as well as strengthening the biggest video game event in Spain and positioning itself as one of the benchmark events worldwide.

The Hall will be the venue where fans can enjoy Spanish first major developments in the sector And in this second edition of one of the most important is the celebration of the first BGW GAME JAM, in collaboration with La Salle-URL as technology sponsor. The Game Jam is designed as a competition between universities to create the best original video game for 30 hours straight.

Participants can look for solutions to problems and challenges, improve their knowledge of game development, teamwork, expand its portfolio, etc. Participants can be of different profiles involved in designing a game. Inscribed individually -in September- media organization and help create teams that have developer (programmer), artist (concepts and technical) and designer (gameplay levels, history, etc.).

During the Game Jam participants will have the help of teachers, mentors and professionals who can help in the creation. The Game Jam will begin on October 6 at 10 am with the announcement of the theme of the game to make and end on Saturday at 17h with the public presentation of each work and the awards to the winners.

The awards are divided into several categories: best game, most original, best artistic concept, technology innovation award and a special prize.


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