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21 June 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities


The contest is open in three categories and rewards with a 30% scholarship in the enrollment to the Degree of Animation of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL of the course from 2017 to 2018 in each one of them.

Participants could submit three types of work, and choose to win in any of the three categories, but only in one of them: design of a character, technique (traditional or digital, sculpture or drawing) and applicable to any content (TV series, animation, video game, advertisement or movie); Write a screenplay synopsis of a film, between 2-3 pages; Or creating a short animation with any animation technique.

The jury, formed by Felix Balbas, director of the degree in Animation & VFX of La Salle-URL, teachers in assets and professionals of the sector, took into account criteria such as technical quality, creativity and originality, viability of the project and degree of innovation Is contributed to evaluate the 31 papers presented. In the animation category, we received 14 animations of many different techniques from flip animation, stop motion in 3D, all of them showing great creativity. The prize went to Alba Serrano.

The jury wanted to emphasize that "it shows a great sensitivity in the staging of a fantasy idea putting much care in its execution and details like the color and the soundtrack".


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