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17 July 2017 | Posted by Editorial Team La Salle Universities

We know the experience lived on the study trip to Shanghai of students of ADE

Marcos Munné, a Grade student in the direction of technology companies, explains his experience to Shanghai and in the Fudan University If he had to describe the experience of living in Shanghai for two weeks it would be “WOW”. This word was the one that was most commonly used by all the students and teachers everyday whenever we discovered something new. The number of skyscrapers and their proximity to each other in the area of Pudong made many students to rethink of the actual size of Chinese economy and its power. It was absolutely amazing in all aspects.

From the classes in the Fudan University of Chinese economy, marketing and foreign direct investment sessions to the visits to companies like Bosch, Volkswagen, BaoSteel and Ecopel. Students and teacher where able to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture at its fullest. They went to places where they didn’t know what they were ordering and the Chinese waiters did not even know how to say “Hi” in English.

They had to negotiate with taxi drivers and find ourselves out to pick a taxi after 11pm because no one would stop to take them. They were also able to dance and have fun with Chinese people in different bars and clubs. They were given for free drinks, free access too many bars and they even took pictures of them just because they came from Spain.

They went to many other place such as the fake market, the urban museum and the technology center museum. It was unbelievably outstanding in all senses. Overall, this opportunity that is granted to the students is not because they pay the tuition fee… It is because all the staff of La Salle believes that this experience had to be granted to students like them, because they believe that to be on the road to success you need three different things:

  • To be global citizens
  • To be open minded

To be able to adapt to any circumstances.These three elements will catapult you to succeed way more than those around you. And just by going to this trip, students were “forced” to at least develop one of these three. Meaning that when they arrived back to Spain, they would come back much more mature and powerful than when they left.


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