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12 July 2019 | Posted by Editorial Team IAR

4th OIKONET International Workshop: “Reconsidering the Urban Condition of Karm El-Zeitoun”

From June 29 thru July 6, 2019, a workshop dedicated to proposing initiatives to revitalize an area in Beirut known as the “Field of Olives” (Karm El-Zeitoun) was held at the School of Architecture and Design of the Lebanese American University in Beirut.

Twenty-six students from five schools of architecture from Lebanon, Belgium, Ireland and the USA participated in this workshop. They worked in teams under the guidance of seven tutors from schools of architecture from Lebanon, Spain, Ireland and Turkey.  Before starting the activities in Beirut, students carried out preparatory learning activities to become acquainted with the problematics of the area, and to study reference literature on urban theories. Students used the web-based learning environment ARCLASS, developed by the research group ARC Engineering and Architecture La Salle, to perform these preliminary activities. 

During the first two days of the workshop, students carried out a sociophysical analysis of the Karm El-Zeitoun area by applying the methodology developed PROHABIT project, co-funded by RecerCaixa. The results of the analysis are available in PROHABIT : MAPPER   

More information about the activities and results can be found at the workshop blog.


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