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27 May 2021 | Posted by userDataCenter

AI in the data centers

AI tools help data centers become more reliable and efficient both in terms of energy use and operations.

Is AI important for the data centers?

Along with the data centers, organizations need to hire skilled professionals for maintaining and monitoring the data centers. Running data centers and hiring staff can be immensely expensive for every organization. Furthermore, supervising and monitoring staff is an additional task. Hence, organizations are continually looking for better alternatives to the conventional method. As an alternative, organizations can deploy AI in the data center to autonomously handle various tasks like server optimization and equipment monitoring.

Leveraging AI in the data center in a feasible manner is necessary for every data-driven business. Gartner has claimed that more than 30% of data centers that don’t deploy AI and machine learning won’t be operationally and economically feasible by 2020. Therefore, every data-driven business must implement AI and machine learning for their data centers. AI will also help organizations stay ahead of increasing data storage and processing requirements.

Advantages of including AI in the data centers

Improving security

Every organization hires cybersecurity professionals to analyze new cyber attacks and create prevention and mitigation strategies. However, finding and analyzing cyber attacks is extremely labor intensive for cybersecurity experts.

Organizations can deploy AI in the data center for data security. For this purpose, AI can learn normal network behavior and detect cyber threats based on deviation from that behavior. Additionally, the utilization of AI in the data center can detect malware and identify security loopholes in data center systems. Additionally, AI-based cybersecurity can screen and analyze incoming and outgoing data for security threats thoroughly.

Conserving energy

Running a data center can consume large amounts of electricity. A significant portion of the energy is utilized on cooling systems for data centers. Tech giants are using AI in the data center for conserving energy. For instance, Google has deployed AI to utilize energy in its data centers efficiently. As a result, Google executives reduced their data center’s cooling system energy consumption by 40%. Even 40% of savings can be equivalent to millions of dollars’ worth of energy savings for an industry giant like Google.

Reducing downtime

Data outages in data centers can lead to significant downtimes. Therefore, organizations hire skilled professionals for monitoring and predicting data outages. However, manually predicting data outages can be a complicated task. The staff in data centers have to decode and analyze multiple issues to find the root cause of different problems. However, the implementation of AI in the data center can be a feasible solution for this crisis. Artificial intelligence can monitor server performance, network congestions, and disk utilization to detect and predict data outages.

Monitoring equipment

Data center engineers need to monitor the equipment for detecting flaws and the need for repairs regularly. However, there is always a possibility that data center engineers might miss some deficiencies in the system, leading to equipment failures. Such equipment failures can turn out to be expensive for organizations as they might need to repair or sometimes, replace equipment. Organizations can leverage AI in the data center for active equipment monitoring tasks. Artificial intelligence can identify defects in the data center equipment using pattern-based learning. For this purpose, AI can use smart sensors installed in the equipment. In case AI systems find any excessive or low vibrations and unwanted sounds, the system would notify data center engineers about possible defects. With this approach, implementing AI in the data center can predict potential equipment failures to avoid downtimes.

AI in the data center

Since AI in the data center will automate numerous tasks, data center staff can work on other tasks. Therefore, organizations will need to plan new roles for the data center staff. Additionally, organizations must introduce training programs for their data center employees. Using this approach, organizations can upskill their existing employees and facilitate their professional growth.

The advent of AI in the data center is showing promising potential in various industry sectors. Soon, AI will dominate the world of data centers and colocation service providers by proactively helping in disaster recovery and regulatory compliance




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