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17 April 2011 | Posted by Equipo Editorial de Branding Strategy

Beautiful Facebook

What is next in branding in Facebook? Something I was missing was beauty. Facebook is Facebook is Facebook, so artists, designers and other creative people haven’t been really attracted to Facebook. But, the trend now is that web artists, creative directors and art directors, are entering into Facebook. Maybe it wasn’t a proper canvas for them. But the reality now is that they need to build proper web spaces in Facebook for brands, creating beautiful spaces.

Today’s brands need to have an outstanding visual performance. You can be Zara or Google or Barcelona as a brand, it doesn’t matter what business you are in, your brand must follow and consistently apply high standards in brand design. The way you dress your brand says a lot about your business. So, now it’s time to dress your brand properly for Facebook. I found this pretty example Jack V. It is a Facebook page for a book “The Dubious Salvation of Jack V. “  a title from Random House, Inc. (the U.S. division of Random House) the world's largest trade-book publisher, and is owned by Bertelsmann AG, one of the world's foremost media companies. About the design of this page:

  • Distinctive palette
  • Beautiful illustration
  • Sophisticated typography: a mix of capitals, bolds, sans serifs
  • Navigation: A customized navigation. The new layout of Facebook gives more freedom to make your own navigation like this example. The welcome page has a clear call to action plus the current navigation of Facebook on the left.  In this case, as you can see from the look of the button, it is customized.

A great piece created by We are tilt, Brighton based digital agency. Gemma Vallet @gemmavallet


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