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06 May 2021 | Posted by userDataCenter

Cost of a Data Center

In this post, the cost of creating a CPD will be discussed. The objective is to explain the different expenses that are had when creating a CPD from scratch and also to explain the consumption expenses that a CPD is going to have. Finally, we will also talk about different ways to reduce costs when creating or maintaining a data center.

The first expense that will be incurred when building a data center is that of the building that must be built for the data center to be efficient. These costs will be variable depending on the location of the building and the workforce.

The second expense that will have to be made is that of the equipment for the correct operation of the CPD. It will be necessary to invest in servers and other network devices to achieve the correct operation of the CPD. Another expense that will be in this section is to monitor the equipment and the building.

The cost of electricity consumption must also be taken into account. In the case of a CPD, the consumption is on the megawatt scale. On the other hand, backup power facilities should also be added. Apart from electricity consumption, there is also network connectivity. A data center must have multiple internet providers and dedicated fiber optic connections.

Depending on the Tier that you want to make, it will have more or less cost when creating the CPD and investing in equipment and also when maintaining it. According to a study by the Uptime Institute, these are the average consumption values ​​in kilowatts (kW):

Once we have seen the costs of building and having a CPD, we are going to see how we can save in some aspects to reduce these costs.

To save in a CPD there are many different ways in which we could reduce the money invested, but we are going to focus on the most important ones or those with which we have more room for reduction.

  • Build a CPD with modular infrastructure. In this way, we can expand or reduce the devices according to the amount of processing we need. With this we will reduce installation and maintenance costs, the expense of devices that we do not use and we will reduce the initial investment.
  • Follow-up and monitoring of resources. This will allow us to know at all times where we have more consumption and therefore more spending and we can decide whether or not it is worth maintaining that consumption.
  • Inventory of all devices. It may seem strange but according to analysts at Gartner, a globally known consultancy, this is an aspect that can help us a lot. With this we can see all the hardware we have and check if it is really necessary for the operation of our CPD.

With these simple steps or recommendations, we can reduce the costs of our CPD.

These recommendations may seem unusual or different from the most common, but we believe that they can be very useful to reduce the costs of a CPD. Taking into account the high costs of a CPD, any aspect that can help reduce them is always good for a company. This is why we have decided to address this issue in one of our posts.

Posted by Lluis Camino


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