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04 March 2021 | Posted by userDataCenter

Location of CPDs

This post will talk about the location and characteristics of the data center environment. The objective is to know the main characteristics or basic requirements that any CPD environment must have, and once explained, the best places to locate a CPD environment are stated.

Any CPD environment has four key points that it must meet which are security, cooling, storage capacity and data transfer.

First, we will talk about the security that a CPD environment must have. CPDs work with data and information and these data are often confidential, therefore one of the essential requirements that companies and clients look for when hiring a CPD is that said CPD guarantee the security and confidentiality of this data.

Another important factor that a CPD must have is refrigeration, it must be taken into account that a CPD must be in continuous operation, therefore, high temperatures will appear that must be combated with a good refrigeration system so that they do not negatively affect to the performance or operation of the CPD. It should be noted that apart from the temperature, a good refrigeration system is the one that controls the humidity levels.

The other two characteristics that a CPD has to fulfill is the storage capacity, since more and more information will be generated and a CPD has to be able to save all that information and in turn transfer the data, that is data transfer occurs quickly.

Before building a data center, the first thing to do is choose a good location. This part is fundamental since it will depend a lot on our objectives and our vision when choosing one site or another. When choosing a site we must take into account the climate of the city / country in which we will build our CPD, the electricity cost of the companies that we can hire in that site, the value of the properties for the building that we will use as CPD, the connection to Internet and the possible taxes that that country applies to our business.

The two most important points to take into account are the climate of the country and the price of electricity since they will form the majority of our expenses. With this in mind, the best places to build our CPD are:



Ashburn, Virginia



These places are for different reasons very good sites to consider when choosing a site for our CPD. Keep in mind that because a site has a very good feature but the rest are not very favorable, it is not a good place to choose as it may pose a challenge or some complication in the future.

For example, choosing a country far to the north to save on the cost of refrigeration can be a very good option, but this can cause problems when building the Internet connection or difficult access and / or installation of the CPD.

It must be taken into account that although there are locations that due to environmental or geographical conditions would be perfect to create a data center, many important companies cannot take advantage of these locations because a data center has to ensure the integrity and security of their data and if it is leaves the country of the company or the continent, that data and information may be compromised.

In conclusion, before building a data center, many things must be taken into account that directly or indirectly affect our choice of a location. The main ones or the main one if we want to put them together, are the refrigeration and the electrical cost since they will be a cost to pay all the time, every year that we have the DPC open. After that, the most critical thing will be the Internet connection and the legal issues that we may have in each country.

Posted by Roger Marcén Pujol


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