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11 March 2021 | Posted by userDataCenter

The most innovative CPD

In the IV edition of the innovation awards, an important prize in the ICT market awarded by the Data Center Market magazine, prizes were given to the best collaboration project between Public Administrations, data centre modernisation project, data centre transformation project, most innovative data centre, data centre connectivity improvement project, interconnection project through the ECX Fabric platform, among others. In this blog we wanted to learn more about the winning project of the "Most Innovative Data Centre" award, which went to the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (National Commission of Markets and Competition).  

The National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) is the public body responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of markets in the interest of consumers and businesses. 
ABAST has been in charge of the construction of the CNMC's new data centre, a project in which Rittal solutions have been used and demanding regulations have been followed in order to guarantee the security and availability of the IT systems under criteria of efficiency and sustainability.

The former DPC of the CNMC's Madrid headquarters was housed in a space on the ground floor. This space had not been designed for this purpose, but rather, at the end of the works, the area was adapted to house the data centre. For this reason, it had major limitations in terms of both security measures and energy efficiency. In addition, it generated significant noise pollution in the adjoining workspace. In addition to the deficiencies of the Data Centre, there was also the need for the extension of the work space required by the organisation, due to the continuous growth of personnel.

The solution proposed by ABAST was the one chosen as it obtained the best valuations in both technical and economic aspects.

The CNMC now has a CPD with Tier 3 design with all the guarantees of security and availability that are included in the international standard TIA-942. The new data centre has a total size of almost 66 m2 and is composed of three rooms, each with independent access control:
- Operators' room (14 m): A space configured as an access distributor, temporary work area and preparation point for equipment to be installed in the three rooms.
- Technical room (20 m2): this room houses the electrical equipment and data cabling for both vertical and campus cabling. It is also the entry point for telecommunications operators and the space for third-party infrastructures. It performs the functions of power supply for the DPC and Core networking.
- Secure Room (32 m2): This is where the IT infrastructure is located: servers, storage cabinets, security and backup equipment, as well as the network electronics that service this equipment. 

The secure room is constructed with a fireproof and watertight Rittal HVR (LSR 18.6E) modular enclosure that protects the entire interior against possible damage caused by fire or flooding on the outside and also offers physical, thermal, electrical, electromagnetic, etc. protection. 

It also includes a flood detection system throughout the DPC and a video surveillance system, with coverage in the main entrance and the three rooms, which records high-definition images in real time of everything that happens inside the data centre.

The electrical system has all the necessary management, redundancy, scalability and availability features required to efficiently power all the DPC systems. It has a switchboard that provides high availability to the installation.

With all these improvements and adaptations, it is easy to understand why ABAST was chosen as the winner of the award for the most innovative DPC, as they achieved a secure room solution that meets the highest security standards, guarantees business continuity and, at the same time, provides great energy efficiency.

Rafa & Alba


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