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21 April 2022 | Posted by userDataCenter

New Era of Security for the Hybrid Datacenter by Raúl Villanúa

It was a pleasure to assist the talking of Raúl Villanúa, an IT expert of Checkpoint specialized in Security for the NGDC (New Generation Datacenters). On the talking Raul presented concepts related with security on datacenters, especially making reference to the concept "cloudize centers on-premise", referring to make the NGDC more flexible and always adapt to the market needs at reasonable cost.

First of all, Raul defended the idea of cloud migration of the datacenters mainly for the advantages in terms of adaptation/flexibility. Nowadays, as we said the business needs are having a flexible business models where the resources needed are variable and the cloud should be able to adapt to this new scenario. All of this, brings us to the new concept of datacenters where security elements should provide the following. 
· Hyper scalability, to be able to maintain the same base structure and assume the the growth in case.
· Performance, to be able to process all the data needed without compromising security features.
· Efficiency, to have a good relation resources used/costs.

Nowadays, Checkpoint is offering very competitive solutions to guarantee all what he commented on the talking. One of the main devices is the Quantum Maestro Orchestrator MHO-175 which offers agility and elasticity for the cloud on premise with efficient N+1 clustering based on Check Point HyperSync technology, maximizing the capabilities of the existing security gateways. 
Some of the main features that this device offers are the following.
· Threat prevention.
· Hyperscalability allowing expansion and resiliency on premises.
· Security platform for management.
· Performance and latency.
· Dual power supplies.
· 32x1000GbE or 128x10GbE ports.
· Adaptability on the market needs.
· Security groups.
· Scale-up and scale-down policies and functionalities.

At the end, Raul presented some business cases implemented with Maestro device and some details, ending with the conclusion that is an effective solution adapted to the actual needs of the datacenters.

Eduard Lecha Puig


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