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04 September 2019 | Posted by jaume.aligue


In data center it is very important to have high availability and resiliency because servers can’t fall and if one of them falls it can be held by an other while it is not repaired. This means that we need secondary components, called backups, that they should assume the operations of the fallen component. This components can be servers or network system components, such as hard disk drives, operating systems and telecommunication links.

The two main issues that we need to focus on are the level of redundancy and the assured power supply. Sometimes downtime datacenter periods can be caused by a power outage, natural disaster, equipment failure etc. Some of the procedures taken to avoid this kind of problems is to have built-in redundancy and reliability for power, network connectivity, fire detection, moisture detection, lightning protection and good monitoring systems.

All the data center infrastructure has to have high levels of durability, and the following components need to be evaluated:

-       Redundant systems and components: When we design a data center it is necessary to determinate the level of redundancy needed for each data center.

-       Backup systems: In our datacenter it is necessary to include generator units and uninterruptible power of supply systems.

-       Detecting and monitoring systems: It is necessary to use decision systems in order to alert to a problem before its consequences are devastating.


Making a decision for companies is hard, so IT professionals need to expose the different failure scenarios that can take place in order to let companies decide which ones they want to prevent, as in many cases the cost of managing a failure can be lower than solving the failure. Some of those scenarios are a component failure, an assembly failure, a room failure or a site failure.


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