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08 April 2021 | Posted by userDataCenter

Robotics on Datacentres

The innovative solution of datacentres, and their continuous evolution over time has allowed the development of data processing centres for various purposes (power, consumption, data, virtualization…), to address the needs of customers more carefully and saving unnecessary resources. Investment has also been made in optimizing human resources within datacentres, as well as process automation more effectively.

It is in this category where robotics and other technological solutions fall that allow the automation and realization of processes abstracted from the need for human actions, and all the benefits that this entails.

These actions and infrastructure improvements not only help to have a more automatic infrastructure but also extract from the equation, dependencies that currently exist, such as the human factor to do most of the physical tasks within a datacentre. If this dependence is eliminated, it strengthens the environment in the face of pandemics and other situations that have, therefore, the human indisposition, and, therefore, the inoperability of the datacentres.

Currently, there are companies that are investing to enhance these paths, such as Facebook, which has created a team of robotics engineers to design and develop robotic solutions to automate and scale the operations of the datacentre infrastructures of the company. These systems will include motors, actuators, as well as cameras and sensors, among others, thus achieving an infrastructure that has the benefits of SMART buildings.

Through the equipment of robotics engineers, as well as the robotic material deployed, it is now possible to automate certain aspects of a datacentre. These include specific actions such as the installation of servers in racks automatically, the replacement of malfunctioning servers, the management of storage units, and network interconnections, and finally, perimeter security.

Image 1: Robot with perimeter security functions patrolling the Las Vegas campus.


Despite the evolution that has taken place, this is one of the booming markets for this new decade, not only affecting datacentres, but also any smart building, providing it with monitoring, automation, and security through robotic technologies and IoT.

Jaume Campeny i Alba Massa

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