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22 February 2021 | Posted by userDataCenter

Virtualization inside the cryptoworld

The cryptocurrencies have a strong link with virtualization technologies since it maximizes the production efficiency and reduces the production cost.

Cryptocurrencies have become a common payment method among large investors due to multiple economic reasons, but how have they come to be related to virtualization?

For those who do not know, cryptocurrencies are not born out of nowhere, but have to be generated by a processor with very high consumption and causes damage to the environment. In a report from the University of Cambridge, it is shown that in 2016 the consumption for producing cryptocurrencies was higher than the electricity consumption of countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Greece and Portugal.

Electricity consumption

But what does this have to do with virtualization?

Virtualization is a technology that allows software services such as web applications, servers, storage, data, among others to be emulated through very powerful hardware.

This technology brings different advantages:
- Reduction of electricity consumption
- Maximization of the efficiency of a single processing unit
- Flexibility to distribute resources
- Reliability
- Space efficiency

Due to these advantages, virtualization has a very close relationship with the generation of cryptocurrencies, since it helps to reduce their production cost and increases their production in the same physical space.

The most relevant services offered by virtualization are:
- Server virtualization
- App virtualization and desktop virtualization
- Networking virtualization
- Storage virtualization
- Data virtualization

One of the important aspects to take into account when using virtualization as a technological tool is its security, since when a machine is virtualized, in parallel, another target is created which could be attacked by a hacker. Therefore, it is important to use a highly reliable and efficient security system.



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