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01 December 2015 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Two Entrepreneurs To WatchOut For

Alfonso and Albert are two entrepreneurs who have many things in common. They are second-year students in La Salle’s Business Management and Technology program. They enjoy taking risks and they both like to ski during winter. But skiing has a price and it is not cheap. One day Alfonso and Albert were at the ski station and said to each other, “we have to create a business to pay for our own expenses.” Although it might sound crazy to some, they decided to take a chance and start their own business during the first semester of their first year in the business program.

They launched their company, called Marittimo, with the idea of making different items. The first product they made was the WatchOut, which was a personalized watch. The two entrepreneurs faced various challenges, especially since they had to import all the material from China. This meant that they had to take into account the currency and fully trust that the products would arrive from China. Once they had the watch, they had to promote it somehow, and with a limited budget. So they decided to make an Instagram account and use bloggers to promote their watches.

They also went to several trade fairs in Barcelona to sell their watches. In the end, they not only covered the costs of starting the business, but they also made a profit. The two agree that the La Salle program played a role in creating their start-up and that marketing concepts and business law are what helped them most.

Other courses they took were not as useful for helping them start running the business, they said. Apart from operating the business, it was a challenge to continue studying and working on their degrees. They had to go to class and work in the business, which was very difficult.

They also had to make great effort to pass final exams, since they had made Marittimo a top priority. After learning from mistakes made during the start-up process, they are now going to start offering other products that they believe could make their company even better.

Overall, both Albert and Alfonso agree that launching and running their own enterprise has been the most enriching experience of their lives so far.

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