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03 May 2016 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

National Model United Nations 2016

As each year, LaSalle grants the marvellous opportunity of sending a group of students to the National Model United Nations. This conference is held in New York and many top universities around the world participate. The experiences lived during the 10 days that the students are able to experience are almost indescribable. Our students left during the Easter week to New York. In this occasion we had the great opportunity of having one first year student in the group. It is uncommon as they only offer this course from the second year and onwards.

The mix of cultures was predominant, such as Indian, Norwegian, Spanish and Moroccan among others. The ages were also quite polarized as we could encounter people from a range of 18 to 22. Hence, working in this year’s group would have been very attractive. After interviewing some of the participants including the professors that accompanied them to the conference I was able to deduct some quite memorable things.

There was one common fact that did not vary among any of the participants or professors and that was that it is an experience that you have to live once in your life. Many of the students had struggled trying to describe how the experience felt like. Which is a sign of how unique this experience is. Nevertheless the conference itself is not the only memorable experience. The second part of this journey is being able to visit New York, which is considered by many as the capital of the world. Some of the students had never been to New York before and they made a planning of what to do and what to visit.

They all said that it is the place, were they would like to visit again and again. Yet they highlighted that it is a very stressful city. They did quite a few activities in groups, yet it was very complicated to sit 20 people at once in New York to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yet they managed to accomplish it in many occasions and they spent memorable moments. Many of those moments were shared through Instagram and can be seen using the hashtag #lsnmun16. These are some of the photos that our students posted on their accounts:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 20.25.11


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