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01 April 2020 | Posted by userDataCenter

Amazon Cloud – What does it offer us?

Last day we saw if it was a good option to migrate to the cloud, those who have valued it and think that it is a good option, today we will look at the different most interesting services offered by Amazon to have in the cloud.

In this post we will look at which AWS services are equivalent to the different infrastructures (IaaS, PaaS, DbaaS ...) since Amazon does not want to label its services so that they are not encased in a single category, therefore in the documentation that amazon offers us we will not find information related to these terms.

First of all, we have Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service), a data storage service. It can be useful for storing backups or archiving data.It is characterized by scalability, high-speed service and web-based storage.

This service usually runs on port 9000 and the following parameters must be configured before the client can connect: Access key ID and Secret Access key.From these parameters you can work with your user's buckets.

Here's how to use aws client to list the user's containers.

Another service offered by us is Amazon DynamoDB. In terms of data center, we would be talking about a DbaaS based service proposal, so its function would be to provide database service to applications that are in an IaaS or PaaS. Keep in mind that it is a NoSQL database that supports "key-value" and document storage.

Then we would have the output that would return a query to the product table:

If we were looking for an IaaS service on AWS, the only one that offered is Amazon EC2. This structure gives users more control and flexibility. With EC2, users can provide:

  • Computing calculations
  • Network
  • Storage

All this is possible by calling several APIs. Users can access EC2 instances and volumes as if they were provisioned in a non-cloud environment.

Finally, let's talk about AWS Elastic Beanstalk, a service with PaaS (Platform as a Service) infrastructure that has less to consider and maintain. This service allows you to create and deploy applications.

The benefits of having it in the cloud with Amazon is that it is auto-scalable and has elastic load balancers.

Llorenç Garcia


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