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12 June 2022 | Posted by alvaro.sicilia

ARC's research presented at the CARE4CLIMATE conference

Leandro Madrazo gave a presentation on ARC's research in the field of energy efficiency in buildings and cities using digital technologies at the CARE4CLIMATE conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 8 June 2020.

He discussed their research group's work on energy information systems over the last 14 years. Comprised of a core team that has remained consistent throughout a period of over 20 years, the group's three main lines of research include smart cities, ICT for architecture engineering and construction, and Technology enhanced learning. Difficulty in obtaining funding in a continuous manner has made it challenging for the group to create a line of research one project after the other. Collaboration on 8 projects in the last 14 years, half of which were coordinated and half of which were partnerships, has been undertaken by the group.

The main ideas that have been explored through these projects include data integration, semantic technologies, building energy performance at multiple scales, and the development of new tools and prototypes for energy information systems.

Leandro emphasized the importance of data as the foundation for building an energy system and the need for data to be reliable, available, and maintainable over time. He also highlighted the importance of data formats, standards, and interoperability in laying the foundation for the energy information systems. Leandro also noted two major trends in energy and sustainability, one coming from the bottom up with increased participation of people, and the other from the top down with regulations and directives from the European Union.

He emphasized the need for data-driven services to take into account the end user, and for the information to be presented in a way that people can understand and take action on.


The presentation is available in the following link:


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