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16 February 2021 | Posted by cristofor.fernandez

The Athika project teaches a course on the challenges of eHealth

More than 200 students from around the world, of fifteen nationalities and professional profiles of all kinds, are training in the opportunities and challenges of the eHealth sector through the online course of the Athika Project, a European initiative led by La Salle- URL. The course program is interdisciplinary and focuses on the digital transformation of the eHealth sector. Like the rest of the studies at La Salle Campus Barcelona, ​​the eHealth Online Course uses the learning by challenge methodology to learn about the reality of the sector based on challenges.

The program includes the study of topics closely related to eHealth: the internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. All sessions have a humanistic perspective and ethical reflection on technological solutions. The course is part of the program of four of La Salle-URL's masters: the Master in Technologies for Digital Transformation (MTTD), the Master of Science in Big Data (MUDB), the Master in Smart Cities and the Smart Grids Technologies (MTSS) and the Master in eHealth (MEH).

The goals of the project

The mission of Athika is to explore how a humanistic dimension can be introduced into engineering education in relation to health-related technologies. In this sense, the course is fully linked to the objectives of the project: to build a set of advanced training programs for higher education institutions that involve academia, the public health administration, health companies, consultants and entrepreneurs.

The initiative is characterized by the diversity of profiles of the partners and collaborators that take part, which provides a complete perspective of the sector and allows the identification of urgent challenges in the health sector. In order to donate to the multipurpose of the project, the Online Curs in eHealth is divided into three parts. The first, commune, is developing during this month of February and talks about the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals identified by the UN and the impact of digital transformation in the health sector.

The second unit includes fundamentals of IOT, AI & ML and governance and ethics. And the third part is divided into three itineraries, which coincide with the themes of the second unit: IOT, AI & ML and governance and ethics. Finally, during the month of April, a workshop will be held with seminars, conferences and different panels. In addition, some of the students will enjoy two weeks of mobility in July in one of the companies linked to the Athika project.